Privacy Policy

Kanno Orimono Co., Inc. (hereafter, our company), who administer the towel/Japanese towel manufacturing and preparing "Kanno Online", protects your personal information with great care and promises to respect your privacy.
In compliance with the laws regarding personal information protection our company handles the personal information you have provided on our website in the following ways.

1.Regarding the purpose of use of personal information

When you purchase our company's products or services we use the personal information you have provided us with for the settlement of accounts and shipping.
Based on the personal information you provide us with we may send mail or emails with introductions, guides, or advertising of our company's products (including services). In such cases if you do not wish to receive information on our company's products you can request us to stop and we will swiftly cease sending you information. Furthermore, information will not be used for advertising other company’s products and neither will it be released or supplied to third parties who have that intent.

  1. Cookie information, etc., acquired by concerned third parties will be used in accordance to the concerned third party's privacy policy.
  2. Cookies are the usage history and input sent and received between the browser and server when using a webpage, and they are saved on your computer as files. The next time you access the same webpage the page administrator can change the display for each customer using the cookie information. If you have allowed the sending and receiving of cookies in your browser settings the website can acquire the cookies from the user's browser. In order to protect your privacy your browser only sends the cookies sent and received by that website's server.
  3. We use your history and contact details including your name, address, and email address, to inform you about campaigns our company is carrying out, and about our products and services.
  4. You can select settings for the sending and receiving of cookies, including "allow all cookies", "block all cookies", and "notify the user when cookies are being sent." How to change the settings differs depending on your browser. Please refer to the help menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie settings.
  5. Please note that if you select to block all cookies you may not be able to access services that require authentication and your use of services on the internet may be restricted.
2.Regarding supply to third parties

The personal information supplied by customers through this website is neither released nor supplied to third parties expect for in the following situations.

  1. Regarding outsourcers our company has contracts with; when information regarding payment or shipment, etc., is deemed necessary for conducting business we will provide the outsourcer with only the necessary information and nothing more.
  2. When answering customer inquiries, or supplying customers with support, if replies or support from an affiliated company is judged to be appropriate by our company the information that is deemed necessary will be supplied to them.
  3. If it is necessary to release personal information to financial institutions, etc., for your product order or payment, we will supply them with only the relevant information.
  4. If we are requested to release information by law we will only supply the information we deem necessary.
3.Regarding access history

In order to provide our customers with better service we may statistically collect information including which domain your visited our website from or which pages on our website you viewed.


Please contact our website's administrator by email, FAX, or phone if you wish to have the personal information you have entered on our website changed or deleted. We will handle your request in an appropriate manner. This document may be adjusted in accordance to law revisions and changes to the social environment.

Kanno Orimono Co., Inc
Email : store@e-kanno.com

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