KENDO Tenugui "Mu So" Honda Tadakatsu【Hand-dyed Tenugui】

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KENDO Tenugui "Mu So" Honda Tadakatsu【Hand-dyed Tenugui】

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This tenugui is 100 cm long and is suitable for KENDO practice.
The fabric is "Toku-Bun" which is thicker and sturdier than common ones.
This is dyed using traditional hand dyeing techniques unique to Japan called "Chusen".The back side is also tightly dyed.The water absorbency is good, the touch is soft.
»About "Chusen"



≪ Design ≫
"Mu So"(無双)
Illustration is "Honda Tadakatsu"(本多忠勝) who is one of the most famous samurai of Japan's Sengoku period.

・Size: Approx. 100×34 cm
・Cloth Edge: The cloth edge (both sides when placed horizontally) is not sewn.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Japan
material 100% cotton 20 count yarn used
weight Approx. 43g
washing When washing use a mild detergent.