How to Use Tenugui: 5 Creative Ideas

Use 1: Artwork or Interior Decoration

Tenugui with traditional patterns and the ukiyo-e artistic patterns can both be used as beautiful decorative wall décor. Pictures by Sharaku and other ukiyo-e artists are perfect as unique artwork for the home. Traditional and geometric patterns provide a simple yet modern design to decorate an empty wall. All of these cloths are created using traditional dyeing and manufacturing techniques that have been handed down from ancient times in Japan.

Many patterns have intrinsic meanings. Some patterns are for bringing good luck, protecting from evil, and for wealth and prosperity. We suggest you frame the tenugui for more refined display, especially if you purchase a cloth because of its intrinsic meaning.

Cloths come in both horizontal and vertical patterns. You can choose multiple tenugui towels and switch them out to change the feel of a room. Japanese tenugui is a great way to decorate your home using unique handmade tapestries from Japan.

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Use 2: Gift Wrap

Wrapping gifts using tenugui is beautiful way to present a gift and is very useful because the person receiving the gift can then use the tenugui later on. This is a good alternative to gift wrap that is environmentally friendly and uniquely handmade in Japan.

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Use 3: Carrying A Water Bottle

Carrying a cold water bottle around all day can make your hands cold and sticky. You can use tenugui to make a stylish bag to carry your water bottle in.

To do this, place the bottle of water on its side on the tenugui. Fold the teugui in half to cover the water bottle. Pick up the sides of the tenugui and tie them together at the middle of the water bottle. Take the long leftover ends of the tenugui at the opposite side and start twisting them to make a handle. Pass them below the knot on the water bottle and tie another knot tightly at the end so it will not come out. Make sure it does not slip when pulled.

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Use 4: Wrapping and Carrying a Wine Bottle

Wrapping a wine bottle with tenugui can serve as a beautiful way to give someone a bottle of wine or an easy yet decorative way to carry your wine.

To do this, place the bottle on its side on the tenugui and wrap it. Twist the leftover tenugui at the top. Bring the leftover cloth at the bottom upwards towards the top. Stand the bottle up and tie the leftover ends together. Then tie them tightly along the neck of the bottle so the ends will not come undone.

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Use 5: Wrapping Food

Tenugui has commonly been used to wrap bento boxes in Japan. This is a great way to carry your lunch or other food because the cloth can easily be washed if it gets dirty because it is made of 100% cotton. It is a nice environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sacks or paper bags.

To do this, place your bento on the tenugui. Fold the two sides of the tenugui in to the center of the bento and tie them together. Take the opposite ends of the tenugui and start tying a knot and twist the tenugui ends around twice to make sure they do not come undone.

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