"Autumn Mt. Fuji" Japanese Towel【Inkjet-print Tenugui】

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    "Autumn Mt. Fuji" Japanese Towel【Inkjet-print Tenugui】

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    This Japanese towel is printed with inkjet using dye ink.

    ≪ Design ≫

    The image of the vertical reflection of Mt. Fuji on the surface of the lake is often called "upside-down Fuji."
    It is a beautiful image beloved by Japanese people for centuries.
    This landscape is now highly regarded not only by the Japanese, but artists all over the world.



    Artist: Tsuchiya Koitsu
    Title: Lake Ashi in the Hakone Hills in Early Autumn
    Created: 1938

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Country of Manufacture Japan
    material 100% cotton 30 count yarn used
    weight Approx. 35g
    washing When washing use a mild detergent.