"Sharaku Otani Oniji" Japanese Towel【Inkjet-print Tenugui】

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    "Sharaku Otani Oniji" Japanese Towel【Inkjet-print Tenugui】

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    This Japanese towel is printed with inkjet using dye ink.

    ≪ Design ≫

    Sharaku Tōshūsai's dates of birth and death are unknown.
    He was only active for around 10 months.
    However, this print is so famous it is known by the majority of Japanese people.
    Its appeal lies in the large, fierce-looking face, along with the imbalance of the prominent small hands.



    Artist: Sharaku Tōshūsai
    Title: Otani Oniji Ⅲ as Yakko Edobei
    Created : 1794

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Country of Manufacture Japan
    material 100% cotton 30 count yarn used
    weight Approx. 35g
    washing When washing use a mild detergent.

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